Cherry Farrow brings you a show full of high-impact, hilarious, hypnotic humour where volunteers become stars of the show.

Your options are, see the show or BE the show!

You will be enthralled from beginning to end as you marvel at the power of the human mind and its unlimited potential.

Cherry is one of Australia’s most qualified Trainers of NLP, Time Line TherapyTM, Hypnosis and Rapid Results Coaching using the system she created TRSTM.
She believes that every human has inexhaustible potential and she works with and trains people to expand that potential. Her principle is that no-one is broken, they just haven’t engaged their most powerful ally (yet) – their unconscious mind.

She specialises in helping people with complex cases like PTSD; Clinical Depression; Generalised Anxiety; OCD; Phobias; CRPS; Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Cancer.

Her passion lays in empowering others to understand themselves and how they create their reality so they have the power to make the necessary changes.

Comedy Hypnosis is a powerful way of showing people what they can do!


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